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Before placing an order please

read the

Terms & Conditions

I understand, depending on my country, I may need a VPN turn on during Premier League games to watch any of the content. If you are someone that has an Internet service provider that blocks IPTV, you will not be able to use the Smart TV setup, as there are no VPN apps for this, and would require a Android device with a VPN app, and subscription, installed.

We strongly recommend using a free test first to check you situation.


I understand this is a non-refundable service, and all issues can easily be resolved by using the info provided on this website, or asking for help.

I understand this service could temp or permanently go down at any point.

I understand the first place I should look for help is on this website.

I understand apps can change regularly and need a new version downloading from this website.

Which will always be posted and up to date on this website.

I understand that the tech support team reside in a +7 hour time zone and are not available 24 hours a day.

I understand John doe Streams does not guarantee any set content and content may be removed if no longer available at any time with no prier notice.

I have had a free test to check I am happy with the service and it's content, and have checked my equipment is compatible and able to run the service. 

I understand that setting up my equipment is my own responsibility and I am able to preform this task, from the setup guides provided on this website.



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