IPTV Smarters for Macbook

IPTV Smarters is the the best IPTV client available for any Mac iOS. Click the "Download" button below and install the program as normal.

Enter anything you like in the name

Enter the username provided in the email.

Enter the password provided in the email.

Leave the drop down on http://

In server URL enter portal provided in the email.

Click add user.

Click the account you just made

All done.

If you see "Username Invalid or expired" error then you have type something wrong, or the test/subscription has expired.

Please note tests only last 24 hours from the time it was issued, not from when you started using it. 

Do NOT email us saying you are getting this error. The login you were emailed is generated by the server, and is always correct

If you see "Network Error" you have a network error. Again please don't email us saying this, I can not fix your internet connection for you.

John Doe Streams

Premium IPTV Provider

John Doe Streams is a Superior IPTV Provider with the Highest Quality streams in Premium FHD from around the World.

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