Fixing your setup after the server change

**Please do not email saying you can't login, every sub is working, with no exceptions, nothing has changed where that is concerned. If you can't login either you are trying to use a different setup to what you had a few days ago or you are typing it wrong. We will only be able to repeat this fact in an email, which is extremly time consuming in a very busy time. Thank you**


Due to the recent block of many IPTV portals you will have noticed both our services have been down for both servers. Due a a total system rebuild, of both, this did took us down for a few days.


However you will be glad to here we have now restored the service. You will need to follow the instructions below for your particular device, setup, and server. Please note these are not cross compatible and you need to stick the your original setup for this to work. Different apps and setups contain different portals for different servers and will only work with the server your subscriptions is on.

JDQ3 customers

Download JDQ3 again from the same link as original install, this now contains the new portal.

Note - The intro video will say "Can not play". This isn't important please just click past it.

JDQ4 Customers

Download JDQ4 again from the same link as original install, this now contains the new portal.

JDQ2 customers

Please use JDQ3. JDQ2 has been a redundant app for some time now and should of been upgraded.


We no longer offer this app. Please use JDQ3

Mag customers

for portal

service should now just be working, if not please refresh the portal.

for any other portal please remove the : and the numbers off the end.

All Zgemma customers

Download bouquets and EPG from the XE plugin, the same as the original setup.

All guides are this website are update and correct, if you need help doing this again.

** It is essential you make every effort to recover you own login details if you don't know what they are. Please refer to where you kept them safe, or use your email search function. All emails from us are always titled "IPTV", please only request them as a last restore. We do not have the man power, especially in the current situation to recover thousands of lost login details. You must take responsibility for keeping these safe**

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