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This page is a place you can see any news or updates about the server status, app and firmware issues, setup changes, blocks, reboots, or any problems in general, and what to do about them.

If you can't find the info on this page, in the setup pages, or troubleshooting pages then I don't know the answer. Please reserve emailing for renewals, checking expire dates, or lost passwords. I will not be able to provide info that isn't already on this website.

Current info you need to know
A recent block on IPTV portals has taken our service down. We are currently rebuilding the service with a different server company and may take a another day or two. This will require you to download a new app with the new portal built, or using the new portal, in once ready. Sorry for the inconvenience and be assured we are doing all we can.
New JDQ3 app lurched today. His has all the great features from JDQ and JDQ2 all in one place making this the ultimate version, and it's apsolulity free.
All apps are now over you will need to refresh to see them, old channels will no longer be working. 
Zgemma we are still doing, and maybe off for a short while as there are thousands of Xtream editor account we need to change one be one.
All Mag  and STBEmu uses are now connected to the new server and working.
Same jdiptv portal, you just need to refresh the portal. Please do not email us if you're having an issue, at the moment we are extremely busy moving all this. The issue will be your end and you need to trouble shoot this yourself,
 I can't do that for you.
Apps and Zgemma, we will have you over in the next 24 hours hopefully.
Anyone still having problems logging in it's one of two things. Either you are trying to use an old version of the app, or I may need to reset you're account, as the Streaminy software has been issuing a lot that don't work.
First trying download either of the apps on the setup pages, if no luck then please fill out the tech support form. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be back on Xtream very soon, which will also let us add a lot more content.
JDQ app is now back up. Sorry for the down time, but it took this to get the VOD categories and EPG working. If you update EPG now you will now see it.
Zgemma EPG is also now working if you download from XE again.
Streaminy (Xtream Codes replacement) have now fix the Zgemma issue with it not downloading the UK Entertainment and Kids channels. I have have to edit I now have to edit everyone's XE account. I have already done a lot, but it may take a day to finish them all.
Press menu/plugins/XE
Press the menu button and select number 5 to delete all bouquets.
Now press yellow to download bouquets again, wait for it to finish, then press blue to download the EPG. Please note there is still limited EPG.
If this hasn't work for you please do not email me this delays the process for everyone. I have them all done in the nest 24 hours.
So Streaminy, the Xtream Codes replacement, has attempted to change the sound encoding coursing many channels to have no sound today. Please do not email about this we are completely snowed in already. I am aware of the problem, and can't do anything until they fix it for all suppliers. 
sorry for the inconvenience.
A few adult channels back now. I can't guarantee the people who requested not to have them won't have them, so please just parental lock them from the settings. We are already over whelmed with emails and orders to be doing this as well, when it's something you can do yourself.
Thank you
All JDQ apps are now fixed. Update to the system caused a connection issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Zgemma / Enigma2 customers Xtream Editor (XE) has now been fixed.
Please go to Plugins/XE plugin and download the bouquets and EPG again. 
There isn't a lot of EPG at the moment, but we will be adding more as we go.
If you was using Jedi then you was a Streamking's customer and see the posts below.
OK so Streamking's customers, I've put a form together for you to make a claim on anytime you have lost. Please purchase a subscription with us and provide a screenshot of your payment as evidence and we'll top you up with the lost time.
This should go without saying, but I will not be covering lost time for people who purchase their subscription with Streamking's themselves, only my own customers who purchased through me. I am not Parker IT services.
If your invoice is not JDS (John Doe Streams) or you are not my customer. You are welcome to purchase a new one here from me though.
Click here to make a claim
New app, if anyone with an email as their username, wants to use it. Just to be clear all JDQ apps are working now, old and new versions, Smarters and John Doe Smarters are no longer compatible with the new server. Zgemma customers we are working on this as we speak.
So the owner of Streamkings is claiming he has been raided and shut down, so it doesn't look like they will be back. I'm happy to sort these customers out with something on my own server, for there remaining time. Maybe if you buy something with me I'll add the rest on for free, or something.  We have a list as long as my arm of things we have to fix first before I'm in a position to offer anyone anything, including new customers. Please check back here at a later date and I'll put some sort of form in place for requesting this once it is all back up and running.
So to be clear anyone with a chosen username, NOT an email address as a username, usually 6 month old or more, IS a Streamkings customer. My apps ,anywhere on the website, will NOT work for you. 
Some channels are now available via the JDQ v2 apps. John Doe Smarters will no longer work. Mag box users just refresh the portal, Zgemma I'll keep you posted. Although they look the same they have had a lot of reprogramming done to them work without Xtream Codes. This would require you to download the new version to get up and running again. We are working hard to find more content and refreshing regularly will allow you to see new content as it added. This is for customers on our server, who's username is their email address.  Please note this is still a work in progress and far from finished. Unfortunately we are also unable to answer emails regarding this at present. We most concentrate our time on getting the service rebuilt for all. You most check here for all available info as we have it. 
Please type the link in to Downloader app, or any web browser to download
The servers are now offline in order to move them to the new setup. All subscriptions data, and reseller credits where backup and are re-added exactly as before. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to transfer the content. We have a team of people working over the next few days to get all this rebuilt. As soon as it's done the service will come back on, you won't need to do anything.
If you an old Streamkings customer I have no access to info  from them at all, but I'm confident they will be doing the same thing right now. For info and updates on their service join their facebook group.
Thank you for your understanding and patients. 

Due to recent take down of Xtream Codes by EuroJust, we are currently unable to take orders, offer tests, offer tech support, add or fix current streams and VOD.

Xtream Codes is the licensed software that controls all this functions. 

The streams are VOD are still working fine and we are current rebuilding with a new software supplier and hoping to be back up and running in the next week, to be able to offer the above services again.

If you need help please refer to the troubleshooting or setup sections. For your login details please refer to you original email you can find by the IPTV email title.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please check back with us soon.

**Important info. Old customers on the Streamkings server, using the issue has now been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience**
The John Doe Server is Here!
You lucky people.

The John Doe server has now been lurched. Although we did not plan to lurch so early, 
due to the current supplier trying to blackmail use for another 3000 on top of the 3000 we already paid them,
it is ready to use. We still have a lot to add yet, but it already has 5700 channels, full UK and US EPG (more countries EPG will be added),
2940 movies, 206 series (Aim for 500), 56 catch-up (Aiming of 200). We have a lot more already loaded on the server database it will just take time to add them to the service.


There are a lot of benefits, to us all, in having our own server like....


We can now offer you reseller and master reseller panels.
We can add content at your request.
We can repair any issues you find with channels etc. We was never able to control this before and our requests would fall on deaf ears.
The John Doe Server welcomes your help and input about the content and will use this to improve the service for all.

So what do I need to do now, I hear you cry?

Don't worry everything has been took care of for you. All you need to do is simply refresh your channels, bouquets, or portals and the new channels will appear.
If you are using LTQ you will now need to uninstall it and reinstall the John Doe version (JDQ) with this link. Guide on the website, if you need it.

If you have a username that's your email address and want to check this new app out you can. 
(This will not work for Streamkings customers that have a normal username)

Make sure you know your login details. They will be in the device already, in your emails (Just use the search and type IPTV) or ideally you kept a note of them.
Please refrain from requesting them unless a last resort. There just simple isn't the resources to be re-issing thousands of logon details.

Please understand this will only effect new customers and customers who's sub has an email as the username.

Know what server you are on!

If your username is not a email and is a username of your choice, you are a Streamkings customers, THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOU and your service is working and will continue as normal.
If you happen to be having issues with your service then it is down to your box. Please use 
the setup, troubleshooting or email address for help, as usual. If you wish to use the new service you are welcome to purchase a subscription on this website.


Anyone using the johndoeSK1 app Streamkings, the old supplier we used to use, changed to IP address of their server meaning this app will no loner work. Please replace it with this app and login as normal.
Anyone on the old server, so customers would purchased a full subscription before 21/03/19, still having problems login in because you have changed over after the portal change then please download the updated John Doe app. If you purchased after this date this app and post is not for your subscription.
For Mag boxes and STBEmu users
Go to settings/ portal and enter the new portal. You will need to request this buy email and provide your login details.
For Zgemma and VU+ etc
Go to Jedi delete all bouquets and the EZhosting playlist, and enter the details in Jedi same as the original setup but with the new server URL and port.
You will need to request this buy email and provide your login details.


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