Mag box Tech support

The playlist isn't loading?

First make sure you are setup on the new portal. This is a secure port via Xtream Editors service to protect the server and the only portal we will ever use now. If you have not already been giving this portal please request we move you over by clicking here.

I have the new portal above but it won't load?

It can be tricky to get a Mag box to load a playlist and can take many attempts. Double check the portal is correct and the box is connecting to the internet. If you still have issue please contact us and we will double check the settings.

Please make sure you have supplied the correct MAC address from the bottom of the box, which always starts 00:1A

The playlist load and I see the channels but I get failed on ever channel?

Please contact us by clicking here, and we will need to fix the settings on Xtream Editor for you.

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