Firestick / FireTV Tech Support

Here is a list of common issues and the solutions.

I can not login to my test?

If the login details are a test, it may have expired. An easy way to tell is the end of every password contains two numbers the A (for with adult) and NA (for no adult), the two numbers are the date the test was issued. This can be way before you place the order, it depends where in it's life span you requested to see it. If the date is more than two days old than the date in the password, then you know it has now expired. 

The download links are working for the apps?

Please contact us by clicking here and will get some new ones made. Unfortunately the links never last long

I can't login to my paid subscription?

Please double check against your setup email from us that the username and password is the same and that the subscription expire date hasn't passed. Please note the details in the email are always correct and working until they expire, and will never need replacing.

Next make sure the firestick / FireTV is connected to the internet. This is easy to tell on a Amazon product as the home screen doesn't load correctly, but you can always double check in settings/network. If you are having internet issues the hotspot option on your mobile phone can be a good way to get a connection just to test what's going on.

You may need to download and install the latest version of the app. Our Server, apps, and DNS are constantly under attack and often requires us to release a new app with updated details in for it to connect. Please see the setup guides for the new download link.

I'm logged in but I can see any channels, VOD, or EPG info?

The first thing to always try is the "Refresh" button and select "Update playlist" 
You can also update and repair the EPG here by selecting "Update EPG" 
We update, repair, or add new content most days. Until you select these option you won't see any changes we have made.
Tip: Refresh daily.
I'm having a different problem.
Please click here and give as much info as possible. It is important we have all your info, and a full explanation of the problem, to be able to help you.

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