Zgemma / Enigma2 tech support

Below is a list of the common issue with Zgemma and Enigma2 devices.

I can not login to my test?

Please make sure it has expired now. Test only last 24 hours from issue. Then follow the guides below.

I can view any channels?

Make sure the device is connected to the internet. To check this press menu on the remote, select setup, system, network, device setup, test network, then green to start. This will tell you if you have any network / internet issues.

If you are having internet issues the hotspot option on your mobile phone can be a good way to get a connection just to test what's going on.

I can't download bouquets or EPG?

You most have a line ID in the XE plugin for this to work and the lineID most be a fresh ID we sent you after you gave us a fresh code. If the ID is old and the code has been used before it will just download the old setup that that code is linked to, which most likely isn't working now. Press menu in XE and delete all bouquets, then select reset lineID. Now send us the new 8 digit yellow code under the image of the QR code by clicking here.  

I've deleted all bouquets, and the line ID and sent the new code, but it still doesn't download?

Check this device has an internet connection, as above, please note just because you phone or laptop has internet doesn't mean the box does.

Next check the code displays is still the same and the correct code you sent us.

If says it's download the bouquets and EPG but none of the channels are working?

If you have check a good few channels, as one could always be down, and none are working then these are not our channels. You didn't delete the one sky dish or IPTV bouquets from the XE plug that was already there or it wasn't a new code and lineID and just download the old setup again.. You will need to delete these and reset the lineID again as above, and send the new code again by clicking here

I'm having a different problem.
Please click here and give as much info as possible. It is important we have all your info, and a full explanation of the problem, to be able to help you.

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