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Become an IPTV Reseller

Want to to become a IPTV supplier


Want a free IPTV Reseller Panel?

Want to buy a premium iptv subscription service at cheap IPTV subscription service prices?

Want your own IPTV Reseller panel, or Super Reseller panel with your own branded apps?

Just want to swap from you current IPTV supplier? 

Then you have came to the right place.

We have the best IPTV subscription service at the cheapest IPTV subscription prices!!

We are a popular choice re-sellers who's providers are unreliable, too expensive, or just want to get away from the hostile groups that control a lot of the servers.


He have a friendly group of resellers who all help monitor the service and request any content to be repair or added at any time, with staff ready and happy to help. We feel this draws on years of experience keeping the service the best possible., and always welcome the input.

Alone with our super cheap credits at £1.66 per month, for

resellers or super resellers this service is a no brainer.


Branded apps

You can also buy a app with your logos on, just like the John Doe ones


Your own portal will be build in making it easier for customers, and this way if any other re-sellers portal, our even or own, gets blocked if will not effect yours.

Smarters App

This is a great app based on the Smarters format, but with a much sleeker design with two live views, EPG menu, VOD, Catch-up, and recording features.

$kyQ app

This is our latest app that we offer and is  based on the $kyQ format and Netflix layout for Movies and TV shows, including 7 day Catch-up TV section, Sports schedule to help the customer find their favorite sports events, and a useful apps section.

Ready to become a reseller, or just want to topup your exsisting panel? 

Then click here!

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